Tzi Tzi by Totilas out of SPS Fenjala

Tzi Tzi is a gorgeous 2012 filly by Totilas out of SPS Fenjala. She embodies the best of both of her parents with incredible movement and temperament. Tzi Tzi was the second highest scoring yearling in the 2013 AHS Futurity. Potential abounds in this beautiful girl and we could not be more excited about her future.

Furstin Fenjala by Furst Nymphenburg out of SPS Fenjala

Furstin is a lovely 2009 mare by Furst Nymphenburg out of SPS Fenjala, bred by Joerg Classen in Germany and imported at her mother's side by Cumbria Farm. Her temperament is exceptional and she has the intelligence and rideability to please any professional. She has three extraordinary gaits with incredible suspension, impulsion and stride- all the potential to be a true star. Currently in training with Emily Strauss in preparation for the Mare Performance Test this fall.